Now There’s A Fitness Tracker For Your Car

Will Cars of the Future be Designed for Women Only? – Forbes

152030006_Woman in Car Looking Back Unlike so many other tracker devices, this one doesn’t need to be constantly recharged. “Our device is powered by the car, so there is no battery,” John Gattuso, the founder of FIXD , told Mashable. “It will last as long as your car battery will last.” Image: FIXD In addition to tracking the status of your oil and air filter, the device also delivers updates on the condition of your airbag and tells you when your car needs more coolant. The FIXD app also tells you how long, in miles, you have until a particular problem might become critical, as well as the possible consequences if you ignore the app’s warning. Another helpful aspect of the app is a feature that estimates the costs to take care of various problems the sensor discovers. “For the repair estimate we are going to initially talk to mechanics about the time required for certain fixes and part costs,” Gattuso said, “but as our user base grows we would like to crowdsource that information from the actual experience of users.” However, attaching such a device to an expensive car raises security concerns.
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Cyclists Peddle to Battle Alzheimer’s – Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper, The “Indy” – Laguna Beach News

Isles, 44, who generally bikes 20 to 30 miles a week, sometimes making the 10-mile jaunt to his job in San Juan Capistrano, stepped up training to 150 miles a week. Rode 55 miles today and it was a killer, wrote Isles, describing a ride with a headwind and a 9,000 foot elevation gain at their page: We have a lot more training to do before we can ride 100 miles day after day! Isles grandmother suffered from dementia, and now his father has been diagnosed with it. OMalleys grandfather died of Alzheimers. Being witness to a loved ones slow decline is heartbreaking and extremely taxing on the family and close friends helping to care for the sufferer. I cant begin to imagine how frustrating and depressing it must be to witness your own decline, Isles and OMalley wrote on their page, which seeks the publics support for Alzheimers research. OMalley, 33, like Isles is a native of Britain.
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FIXD My team and I pioneered the Macro to Micro approach in analyzing Mega Trends in 2008, which has since been tried and tested with Fortune 1000 companies in developing white space opportunities. I authored New Mega Trends, published in 2012 with Palgrave Macmillan, which has since been sold in over 30 countries and is currently being translated into Chinese for a China market release in 2014. I consult Fortune 1000 companies (clients like P&G, Ford, Philips, BMW, Fiat group, Nissan, Toyota and UNIDO). I am an Engineer and have a MBA from Leeds University Business School, for whom I am now a member of their Advisory Board. I have also done an executive course at the Kellogg School of Management. I am a well-known thought leader and a charismatic futurist who combines engineering acumen with strong commercial experience. Follow me on Twitter: @Sarwant.
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10 Best iPhone/iPad Games for August 2014 – Yahoo News

Image 5. WWE SuperCard 84 Card battle, free, ages 9+, from 2K View gallery . “WWE SuperCard is a very decent card-battling game that’s more concerned about engaging players than bleeding them dry with in-app purchases.” Gamezebo A pro wrestling-themed collectible card battle game that is free to play, though you may wind up buying a few extra card packs. From the Publisher: WWE SuperCard puts the power of WWE Superstars, Legends, and Divas in your hands by bringing the hard-hitting, larger-than-life action of WWE to mobile in a brand new card battle game! Massive WWE Roster – Collect your favorite WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends and Managers to build your roster and compete online against other players in multiple game modes! With more than 400 collectible cards, the action never stops!
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